Published on 12 October 2019

Message from Rinpoche to all Siddhartha's Intent International


Dear Friends, Sangha, and those who follow the most compassionate one,

Tomorrow morning at 10am Hong Kong time, I would like to request everyone to pray to Avalokitesvara.

There has been prolonged disharmony in Hong Kong as we all know.

This kind of prolonged disharmony and hatred within families, communities and society at large usually brings a lot of negative energy, and also becomes stubborn and solidified. But since we are followers of Buddha, we have so many skilful means to counter that.

Since Hong Kong is experiencing such collective negative energy, let us create collective compassionate, wise and kind energy by chanting Om Mani Padma Hum, praying to Avalokitesvara, and sending light to all those people on all sides in Hong Kong.

May they all quickly dispel their prejudices, anger, and short-sightedness.






既然香港正在經歷如此集體共同的負面能量,讓我們通過持誦“嗡嘛呢唄美吽”, 對觀世音菩薩祈請,發送光明給香港所有不同陣營的人,以創造出集體共同的大悲、智慧與寬容的能量。